Laminate Skirting


Laminate Skirting

The most preferred product for flooring in recent years is undoubtedly laminate flooring systems. Practical assembly, easy cleaning, bacteria-free, economical, long-lasting plus feature list of this material; It consists of printing compressed wood shavings with resin-impregnated paper. These building materials, which have many types in terms of quality and appearance, and the quality class are evaluated with various numbers, have the power and capacity to be applied in all areas from houses to bus terminals, airports, stations. But of course, provided you make the right choice and choice. The baseboards of this coating material are also made of materials produced with the same systems. In this way, these applications, which have an integrity with the coating and have the same appearance, add a different atmosphere and aesthetics to the areas where they are located. Laminated skirtings are the newest generation model of baseboards, which are divided into many types according to the materials used in their construction, their shapes and thicknesses. Laminate skirting models, which have many advantages and exhibit the same performance as in laminate flooring, have a wide range of options with many color and tone options. Skirtings applied to protect against foot and various furniture impacts from the floor, to cover defects and defects in the corners, to create a decorative appearance are both aesthetic and functional material and a type of coating that must be applied for every area. Research well and make the right decisions when purchasing laminate baseboards, which are produced by many countries, of numerous varieties. Only in this way can you get the efficiency you want.

Türkiye’de sadece bizim ürettiğimiz postforming özellikli olan süpürgelikler,piyasadaki diğer süpürgeliklere nazaran çok daha şık,çok daha uzun ömürlü ve estetiktir. İstediğiniz renkte ve desende laminat kaplanabilir.Böylece kapınızla birebir uyumlu tasarımlar yapabilirsiniz.


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