Laminate Flooring


Laminate Flooring

The first laminate flooring product in the world was produced in 1980.

However, Parke was launched in 1982 as a new product due to R&D studies. Since then, a new type of flooring product called laminate flooring has rapidly become in demand in other European countries. Lack of desired shape and quality in the first years of Laminate Flooring led the company to research and development. At the end of 1985, many successful results were obtained that made the laminate flooring product itself more advantageous than other flooring products.
Laminate flooring is a product consisting of four main components or layers, and each layer has a separate role in the appearance and durability of the flooring.

The lowest layer is a plastic, paper or melamine backing layer, known as a balancing layer, and prevents the moisture from the floor by ensuring a balanced fit of the parquet.

Made of medium density fiberboard (MDF) or high density fiberboard (HDF), this core layer is the water-resistant main carrier layer. Both MDF and HDF are obtained by compressing wood fiber with glue and resin.

The decorative layer is the layer that gives the parquet the appearance of a real tree pattern. This layer is essentially a photograph, made by compressing several layers of paper with melamine resin. True colors and pearlescent paint provide a deep décor and a real image. This decor sheet begins with a large wood texture photo and is segmented into laminate board sizes. Because the same photo is used for many boards and it is possible to re-create patterns according to the condition of the boards.

The top protective layer is the layer that resists abrasion. This layer is a coating layer made of transparent aluminum oxide. This coating layer can be of low or high gloss depending on consumer trends. This layer prevents moisture from penetrating the wood.

All these layers are put on top of each other and fused to form a whole with high heat and intense pressure. Some boards have a thicker core layer than others and show good strength in every application. In other words, the thicker the core of the wood, the more durable. The core layer is measured in millimeters and its quality depends on the grade of the product and the class specified by the manufacturer.

Impact Resistant

Laminate flooring; It is resistant to impacts and heavy loads and does not contain any traces that may occur due to the weight of the furniture on its surface.

Heat Resistant

Laminate flooring; It does not leave shining cigarette ash and burn marks. Laminate Parquet floor coverings are flame resistant.


Laminate Flooring does not contain fluff and dust thanks to its antiallergic feature. This prevents you from being “house dust allergy”. Easy to clean, absolutely free of germs. It is especially healthy for babies and young children.


Laminate Flooring is resistant to the harmful rays of the sun. There is no fading, yellowing or discoloration due to the special protective layers on its surface.


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