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Our company, which started its business life in the furniture and decoration sector in 1984, started to produce laminate products in 1998 and increased its production capacity and range.

In 2011, we established the first factory in our country that produces only laminate products in series. Today, the main coating material of all our products is decorative HPL (High Pressure Laminate-High Pressure Laminate) and CPL (Continuous Pressure Laminate) in 0.4-0.6 and 0.7 mm thickness. The final product we manufacture is resistant to heat, scratching, abrasion, moisture. It is extremely resistant to impact and various chemical products and is a certified product sought for facilities such as hospitals, hotels, restaurants that are extremely sensitive in hygiene and medical fields. Due to this strength of our products, there is no need for any retouching on the product after shipment and assembly.

In our production line, we can produce laminate doors, covers, profiles, plates, stair treads, baseboards, kitchen and bathroom cabinets and countertops. These products can be produced with natural (matte), glossy, digital, metallic, diagonel and veneer (wood texture) surfaces. We have a wide color chart consisting of bright colors with a plain wood look. In the construction sector, hotel, hospital, school, shopping mall, dormitory and We provide services in housing projects. The biggest difference of our products is that they have curved-postforming feature and 0.4,0.6,0.7 mm laminate is used in all of the products. All of the products are covered with laminate and no paint, PVC tape etc. other than laminate is used anywhere on the product. Due to this manufacturing technology, the usage area, quality and resistance of the product against external factors increase.

Two types of doors are produced in our company: monoblock and seren. Fabrication production of monoblock doors in desired dimensions can also be made on a standard or project basis. Our serene doors, on the other hand, come to you in disassembled form of wings, casings, and moldings, and allow you to make them in the desired dimensions and designs during the assembly of the doors. The fact that our serene doors come in disassembled packages will help you to experience a considerable savings in your transportation costs as well as ease of assembly. In addition to interior doors, we also have sound insulated, leaded and fire resistant doors that are generally used in industrial and project areas.

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